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Monthly Archives: December 2009 and “Get Foreclosures Now!” go live!

    By Brandon Brittingham | December 23, 2009

    Want to grab hold of an extra income stream? How about one that can lead to getting foreclosure listings? Want to get paid to do CMA’s? Now you can! Over the past 16 months, I have compiled a list of the best, highest paying companies that will give you leads to do BPO’s for banks—the... Read More

    HUD Help on FHA-Backed Short Sales

    By Brandon Brittingham | December 22, 2009

    Just wanted to let all you fellow agents out there know that HUD can be of great assistance if you need to perform a short sale on an FHA-backed mortgage. I just had a short sale that was denied by Chase, but HUD got it reopened and got it approved!!! This is information that any... Read More

    Owner’s Title Insurance a Necessity

    By Brandon Brittingham | December 22, 2009

    If you’re not telling your clients to get owner’s title insurance on purchases—especially foreclosures—you’re not doing your job. In today’s market, foreclosures are very prominent—and they come with a lot of potential issues. Owner’s title insurance is a onetime expense that can cover any title issue that may arise for the lifetime of the property.... Read More

    No documentation loan can be a disaster for a short sale!!!

    By Brandon Brittingham | December 17, 2009

    I hear agents at my training and seminars sessions all the time telling me that they get so close to a short sale approval and suddenly it is declined, because the seller got a no doc loan and they have no idea why. Well let me tell you why: A no documentation loan is one... Read More

    Kiplinger: The Rise of Foreclosure Filings infographic

    By Brandon Brittingham | December 8, 2009

    I found this infographic very interesting. Originally posted at Click image to enlarge. Read More

    Guidelines Aim to Ease Short Sales

    By Brandon Brittingham | December 1, 2009

    Looks like the government has finally taken notice of the horrible job banks are doing with short sales, and have finally decided to step in and help make some changes. I think the most interesting part is that the government is saying that the homeowner must be released from any future liabilities, which if you... Read More

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