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Monthly Archives: November 2011

    New Blog Series: Frequently asked Foreclosure Questions Part one

    By Brandon Brittingham | November 30, 2011

    Since I get so many emails asking generally the same questions I have decided to do a blog series where I will post two questions every few days. See below the first two questions to start the series: Commonly asked Foreclosure Questions What takes place if I miss my mortgage payments or I am behind... Read More

    The Four Qualifications for a Short Sale

    By Brandon Brittingham | November 22, 2011

    See below here are the basic qualifications for a short sale. Although there are a few exceptions this covers the broad base of what all the banks agree on. 1. Need to sell Meaning that this not just a want to sell, because of certain circumstances the homeowner needs to sell. In this situation no... Read More

    FHA/HUD short sale information and Guidelines/HUD short sale process

    By Brandon Brittingham | November 14, 2011

    When it comes to a short sale there is a significant amount of confusion on how exactly each process is structured and in many cases there is an assumption that all processes are the same. The reality is that this is not true and depending on the bank and loan type, the processes can differ... Read More

    Are you a Buyer looking to purchase a Short Sale?

    By Brandon Brittingham | November 10, 2011

    It seems that there is a significant amount of confusion when it comes to purchasing a short sale. There is a lot of confusion and misconception when it comes to these types of transactions, so below I have provided some information to potential buyers of short sales. If you are looking to purchase a short... Read More

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