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Monthly Archives: December 2011

    Commonly asked Foreclosure Questions part 3

    By Brandon Brittingham | December 11, 2011

    If I have started to miss payments, should I continue to live in my home?Yes you should continue to live in the home. You are in a far better position to save your home from foreclosure by continuing to live in and maintain it. If you vacate the property, you can run the risk of... Read More

    Commonly asked Foreclosure questions part 2

    By Brandon Brittingham | December 2, 2011

    What is a Loan modification?A loan modification is where the bank modifies your loan to a lower payment to try to help you continue to stay in the home. Please note to get a loan modification in most circumstances, you have to be employed. What exactly is a short sale?A short sale is when a... Read More

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