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    A New York State of Mind: My Expereince at the Hudson Tea Condo in Hoboken, NJ

    My Expereince at the Hudson Tea Condo in Hoboken, NJ. Recently, I had the privilege to stay in one of the model units at the Hudson Tea Condo Building in Hoboken, New Jersey on the Hudson River waterfront, overlooking the midtown Manhattan Skyline.  The actual building I stayed in also hosts the residence of famed New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning, who I actually saw twice while I was there. In fact, he was located just a floor above where we were staying.

    The Hudson Tea building is located in Hoboken’s thriving north end, just minutes away from Manhattan.
    Hudson Tea offers all that both cities have to offer–including beautiful lush parks, popular restaurants, cultural activities, and abundant shopping. I took the water taxi into Manhattan the few days I was there, which took about 8 minutes each time and puts you out on West 39 is a pretty central location for wherever you want to go in the city.

    This is a “city living” community developed by luxury builder Toll Brothers, and I have to say it did not disappoint. Toll Brothers has developed a huge block of housing around the waterfront, not just the Hudson Tea building, and makes it so you almost forget you are in the city. Biking trails, walking trails, and the design of the entire building accents the waterfront setting, while being convenient to Manhattan and all that Hoboken has to offer.

    The unit we stayed in was priced at about 1.5 million, and I have to say the views at this unit during the day and the night is absolutely priceless.  It still is hard to believe that a two bedroom unit in Hoboken costs that much, but I have to say this community with its convenient location and numerous amenities is well worth the price tag.

    The unit itself had all the features you would expect in a chic upscale condo building. Attention to detail throughout from the custom designed kitchen, tastefully appointed and decorated rooms with beautiful artwork, hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings, and let’s not forget the view of the Manhattan skyline from both bedrooms and the living room.

    Being in real estate ”location, location, location” is real estate 101 and I will say this area offered all the perks of living in New York City with a significantly lower cost, but still offered easy access to all Manhattan has to offer.

    I lived in New York City for almost two years in the Astoria Queens area, and I have to say if I ever moved back I would seriously consider this area.  I checked out a couple of local Hoboken eateries in the Hudson Tea building, one being Amanda’s, that was amazing; and actually got to try a cake from Carlo’s, which is the cake shop with a show on TV called the “Cake Boss”. I understand why they are featured on TV – their food was certainly on a level of culinary excellence.

    Hoboken has done an excellent job of revitalizing their city, and it has changed significantly since I was a resident in New York. I have to say if you are traveling to the New York area, the north end of Hoboken is something you should not overlook. I had a great experience, and if you are considering a real estate purchase in the Hoboken area, this neighborhood is certainly worth a look! I have provided some pictures so you can get a feel of what we were able to experience!

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