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Brandon Brittingham on Peace of Mind and Our Guaranteed Sale Program


Looking 👀 for peace of mind when it comes to your home 🏠? We are still offering our Guaranteed Sale Program as we feel it is still our responsibility to provide exceptional service and comfort to our local market!

We understand that home can be the safest place, we know some people may be worried about individuals coming into their homes 🏘 at this time. As we understand that, we want to cover any all options we can for our clients and make you aware that is why we’re still offering our 👍🏻Guaranteed Sales Program to help!

A message 📣 from our team leader, Brandon Brittingham:

What is our Guaranteed Sale Program?

With what’s going on, we are still offering and are going very strong with our Guaranteed Sale Program. What we’ve seen is the demand for this has gone up ⬆️ pretty significantly because of safety concerns of people coming in and out of your house 🏠. Our Guaranteed Sale Program entails that we have a conversation with you upfront as to essentially what we would buy your house for and you have the option if you want to put it on the market, or to see if you know whatever value it is, to receive that value.

Then we also give you the Guaranteed Sale Offer as a backup but what we’ve seen recently, this was a very popular program prior to COVID-19 🦠 and the demand has spiked because of the peace of mind of telling you upfront what we would potentially pay for your house 🏠and we can go to settlement fairly quick and there’s no traffic of people coming in and out.

So there’s a lot of national companies that do this, that ❌stopped 🏠 doing this when the pandemic hit. We think that we have a responsibility here in our local market, to still provide this service and to offer this convenience to everyone that’s out there. So this is not something that’s an obligation or you’re locked into it or whatever the case is and if you’ve thought about selling 💵 your house, for whatever reason and you’re just interested in what it’s worth, we’re more than glad to offer you a no obligation consultation to give you an idea of what your house is worth and then also what we would offer through the Guaranteed Sale.

A prime example of one that we just did was we had a young family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 who had purchased a brand new house. The house was being built. They put their house 🏠 on the market. It didn’t sell as quick as they thought it would and they were getting really close to the settlement date of their new house. So the husband called 📞 me and he just said, “Man, I’m really stressed out because we’re buying this brand new house and it’s a beautiful brand new house and I want to make sure we get the settlement on time. Tell me a little about the Guaranteed Sale.” So this one actually settled on May 1st and so we made him the Guaranteed Offer, which he accepted and was very happy 😁 for and was able to settle the same day as his new house, so he got what he needed to get money-wise 💵 out of his old house and got a brand new house for him and his family and no worries, no headaches, complete peace of mind. Then, their young family had a child, the wife was pregnant. So once we got the 👍🏻Guaranteed Sale, he didn’t have to have any more people coming in and out of his house, which made them feel a little bit better and a little bit more comfortable because of what’s going on.

It’s another option, another tool that we offer you and again, a lot of companies have stopped ❌ doing this because of what’s going on and we have not and we feel it’s our duty and our responsibility to offer this in our local market.

So if you have any questions ❓, any specifics, again nothing is any obligation. Just ideas of what your house is worth, you want to talk about how to sell it in this market or just an idea of what we would offer in a Guaranteed Sale, reach out to us anytime, no obligation and we’d be more than glad to help you.

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