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  • Brandon Brittingham, Rich Barr and Maurice Waters Jr. Talk The Real Estate Market

Brandon Brittingham, Rich Barr and Maurice Waters Jr. Talk The Real Estate Market


A message 📣 from team leader, Brandon Brittingham and Rich Barr:

We have been extremely impressed 👍 with our how much our local leaders have stepped up and done what they can to help our community 🏘🏘🏘 and to be informed on what is going on.
Shout out 📣 to Maurice Waters Jr. for hosting the interview in his studio
With that being said- we feel we have a responsibility to provide accurate information as it pertains to our local real estate market 🏠 and how all of this will potentially impact local real estate now and in the future. Everyone situation now is personal to you and your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and you have to make decisions based on the best outcome for you and your family, which we all understand, and hopefully some of this information can help give you some clarity when it comes to real estate.
Obviously we don’t have a crystal ball and we are all dealing with some uncertainty, however we wanted to give everyone our take from what we are experiencing -this was 🎥 shot yesterday so the specifics we reference to our market is based on the data we had through yesterday morning when we shot this.
I also want to give a shout out to Keeping Current Matters who puts out the stats we reference in this interview and provides a lot of national information as it relates to real estate. 🏡This is not a commercial for us as it pertains to buying and selling real estate-this is just information we think the public should have as we have been getting a lot of questions about the local market lately. We unpack a few items in this video 🎞 and go into actual factual data-this video we are specifically talking about residential real estate in Wicomico County-
This is a long video 📹, but we had to cover a substantial amount of information
Here are is the information we go in this video:
✅1. A majority of real estate transactions in any market are based on an individual buyer and sellers needs-and we explain this.
✅2. What has been going on in the real estate market this year, right now, and the last few weeks.
✅3.We break down the fundamentals of the national real estate market and the local real estate market-which both nationally and locally the fundamentals are very strong and we feel they will be throughout the year.
✅4. Why we don’t think this is going to be like 2008, and the difference between now and 2008.
✅5. Our take on why the real estate market has been strong the last few years and why we feel it will continue to be strong throughout the year.
✅6. Our local market is still seeing substantial housing demand-more demand than housing for sale.
✅7. Over time, although most consumers don’t buy for this reason, real estate goes up in value.
✅8. Do we feel there will be some short term contraction?
We will continue to keep everyone informed on the pulse of the market, but more importantly lets all be positive, support each other, and our local community!!!!

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