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    Brandon Brittingham Talks Guaranteed Sales Program


    A message 📣from our team leader, Brandon Brittingham:

    First and foremost, we just want to say 🙏 hopefully everybody out there is being safe and doing everything they can in these kind of uncertain times.

    One of the things we did want to mention to you, buying and selling a house 🏠 right now might be the last thing that you’re thinking about doing. However, one thing that we are continuing to do is our Guaranteed Sale Program.

    A lot of companies nationally have suspended this program. The industry term is iBuyer where the Zillows and the Opendoors of the world would buy your house. Right now because there is so much uncertainty, we think it is our absolute duty to continue this program, which means that if you 📞 contact us, there are certain stipulations that apply, but if you elect to go through our Guaranteed Sales Program, we guarantee that we’re going to sell your house or we just talk to you about us actually 💵 purchasing it.

    March 31st, we actually settled two properties 🏡🏠 through this Guaranteed Sale Program where the sellers contacted us and said, “I really need to sell my house, however, I really don’t want to have people coming in and out of my house.” So we put them through the Guaranteed Sale Program and they were able to go to settlement yesterday. 💲💲💲

    If you don’t want to go through the Guaranteed Sale Program, but you’re still thinking 💡 about selling, we’re offering all types of options to adapt to what’s going on.

    We have 📲virtual showings so you don’t have to have people physically come into your house. We’ve actually got several properties under contract through virtual showings, and we have a myriad of different marketing techniques that we can help you with.

    Same thing on the buying end. So again, right now you have to worry about what’s going on with you and your family to be safe. We know for a lot of people right now, uncertainty around employment, but houses are still selling, buyers are still buying. 🏘

    And as we mentioned, our 👍 Guaranteed Sale Program, we feel that we still have a duty to run this program and honor this program for people out there who need it.

    In an uncertain time, one thing we’re going to be able to do is give you certainty around selling your house. 🏠

    If you’re just interested in getting information about this program, it doesn’t need to be a sales conversation, or if you just want to have a conversation of what’s going on in the market because of what’s going on in the world, we’re here to help you. 🤝

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