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Brandon Brittingham Talks Real Estate Training and Tools

A message 📣 from our team leader, Brandon Brittingham:
One of the things that we get asked all the time is how do we take people in real estate 🏘 that are completely green, they’ve never been in real estate before and put them in our environment and they become so successful? Successful in a short period of time as far as production, which is pretty abnormal in our business.
One of the things that we do that we think is really different is there’s a heavy focus on coaching and training in our environment. One of our coaches, world 🌎 famous, one of the best coaches in 🏠 real estate, Jon Cheplak, regularly calls into our trainings, our sales meetings. He personally coaches a few agents on our team.
One of our mentors, Ann D’Ambrosia, also has one on one coaching with our 👨‍💻 agents, and Brandon is a one on one coach with a lot of our agents, and there’s a consistent training. But our training is different.
Our training is just not the how-tos – the how to write a contract, things of that nature, but we really focus on how to build 📈📊 your business. Our focus is helping you get to where you want to get to financially and helping you to get to where you need to 💵 financially to support yourself and your family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
One of the things that we do really, really different is a focus on coaching and training and being ahead of the curve and getting all the tools and the things that we need to help you be a better agent 👨‍💻. But not just having those things – teaching you how to use it, and teaching you how to be a good agent, and then also how to build wealth.
One of the things, if you’re not getting the coaching and training where you’re at – that you think 💡you need to get to the next level and you want to be coached and trained to the next level in your business, come talk to us.
We’d love ❤️ to talk to you.
☎️ D: 443-783-3928

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