Chase short sale package for 2013

     Chase short sale package for 2013
    One of the essentials when it comes to doing a short sale successfully with Chase is making sure that you have all the correct documents with the Chase short sale package when you proceed down the short sale path. Chase has specific requirements unique to them and requires that a Chase package is filled out and that you also send documents in along with their branded package. You can follow this link and download the actual package that is a requirement from them here:

    Along with all the documents in this package Chase also requires the following:
     Last 60 days of bank statements and they must be complete, meaning no online statements that do not supply the full account number and all numbered pages.

    Last two years tax returns, full copies and they must be signed

    A financial hardship letter that explains why you need to apply for a short sale

    A copy of a listing agreement from your realtor

    A copy of your MLS sheet from your realtor

    Fully executed and signed Chase short sale package including the Request for Mortgage assistance, 4506 T EZ form and third party authorization.


    These items referenced above are provided prior to having an offer on the property. It is imperative that clear and legible copies are submitted and the exact documents listed above are provided prior to the process getting started. Chase will not move forward with the short sale process until they have received your complete short sale package, and have reviewed it for completeness. It is also a good idea to number every page and put your loan number on the top of every page as they receive thousands of short sale requests every day and there is a good chance that sometimes your documents could get mixed up.

    One of the keys to success with short sales with Chase is to ensure they get a complete package in a timely manner as that is when the process starts. Sending in incomplete or incorrect documents only delays the process and can cause issues with moving the file forward. This is just one of many tips for help with short sales with Chase. For more information contact us anytime or check out: for more information on Chase short sales.

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