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    • Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Active Rain… Social media can be overwhelming, but don’t fear!

    Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Active Rain… Social media can be overwhelming, but don’t fear!

    Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Active Rain… Social media can be overwhelming, but don’t fear!

    Recently, in the middle of teaching a foreclosure seminar, I gave a brief moment to the importance of social media in growing your presence and business as a real estate agent. The response I got from most of the agents was that they simply don’t know where or how to start. I couldn’t believe it; they have no clue about how to even begin the process of social marketing, and don’t know where to turn to find out. This Coupled with the fact that a lot of agents do not understand the importance, or potential return on investment of social media, means most agents just overlook this aspect of marketing. Even those who do embrace this form of marketing typically only scratch the surface, and do not use it to its full potential.

    The fact of the matter is social media marketing can bring you leads. And not just some—a lot!!! It also helps build your internet presence and brings traffic to your website. You may know you’re a good, knowledgeable, experienced agent, but what does that matter if no one can find you? Ability doesn’t translate into visibility; not without proper marketing.

    It’s a known fact that 80% of consumers find their real estate agent and home they want to buy on the internet. I can personally attest to the power of social media. I have received referrals from all over the country, and referred out deals all over the country as well!

    A couple weeks ago I was teaching a short sale seminar to some real estate executives of top real estate companies across the country and a few of the people I was teaching told me they didn’t even know where to start or what to write about. I couldn’t believe that because this group was overseeing thousand of agents and had collectively 40 years of real estate experience. Their knowledge alone could fill blog post for months! I told them, as I tell you, just start! We all have direct niches and specialties, and we are filled with experiences to share with the public and other agents. Make a plan and start working on the plan, and try to take time out of your week to spend on your social marketing. Real estate is a people business no doubt, but the internet grows everyday on more and more people go to the internet for their answers. I am located in Salisbury Maryland, and just the other day I received a referral from Rochester New York, because the people found my blog from keywords, went to my website, saw my Active Rain profile and twitter posts, and basically interviewed me before I had ever even spoken to them. They had inherited a house in my area, and thanks to my internet presence, they asked me to list it.

    Starting your own Twitter, Facebook, Active Rain, LinkedIn or Trulia account, and posting on real estate blogs works really well to help drive traffic to your agent website. With all of these you need to consistently update with good content that people want to come back and read. Produce content about your market, your personal real estate knowledge, interesting content, every property you list. This type of content can help you “sell” yourself without directly “selling” yourself. Be very careful with all the internet marketers and social media companies trying to “sell you the dream” of making you an overnight internet superstar. There are good companies out there, just be wary if you decide to choose one. I do all my SEO and internet work with marketing staff in my office, and as a result of the demand, and companies who will take your money and give you no results, we have been helping agents with blog building, content creation, and overall social marketing. We also can help “sync” all of your social media and internet items cohesively to send traffic back and forth and ultimately to your website. For more information on the services we offer please contact me, we are number one through six on Google for several different keywords in our area. Our website and blog traffic are growing at a fast pace and we are converting leads on a daily basis.

    Hope that helps, contact me via email if you would like further information.

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