Foreclosure Mediation Free Legal Help For Maryland Homeowners!!

    Foreclosure Mediation Free Legal Help For Maryland Homeowners!
    Foreclosure Mediation Free Legal Help For Maryland Homeowners!!

    I applaud the state of Maryland, as I have talked about in a previous post, for their great effort in preventing more foreclosures in the state of Maryland by initiating foreclosure mediation. I wrote about it in an article prior to this one; you can view it here:

    One thing that I did not mention, because at the time I was not aware of it, is the fact that the State of MD offers pro-bono attorneys to represent homeowners when they go to their foreclosure mediation hearing. This is an absolutely great service and should be utilized to its full potential. As mentioned in the previous article, going to a foreclosure mediation hearing is a huge step for foreclosure prevention and gives you a single point of contact for whatever loss mitigation option you choose. Most consumers have not been taking advantage of scheduling a loss mitigation hearing because they were not aware that they even could or because they thought they had to hire an attorney and spend thousands of dollars in legal expenses. With the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland this is not the case.

    They have attorneys who are willing to give their time to help more homeowners avoid foreclosure which is a great program for our state. I would encourage realtors and homeowners alike to become more familiar with this service and utilize it because it is there for homeowners to benefit from, and best of all it is free. Mediations as a whole have been greatly underutilized and this can be one of the most important foreclosure tools in the state. If you are facing possible foreclosure understand you have the right to a foreclosure mediation hearing to request a loss mitigation option, and you can get legal representation for free.

    You can find out more about their service by visiting their website at:

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