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Get The Facts On The Home Selling Process Today! 

🛑 What if you were offered all of the guidance and expertise with your potential home sale and you didn’t feel all the stress you’ve been worried about?! 🥴🥴
🛑 What if we told you we could guarantee your home sale through our Guaranteed Sale Program?! 😎😎
We’ve got you covered and let you know your options specifically tailored to you in regards to your home sale 🏡
Right now, you’re hearing a lot of misinformation when it comes to the real estate market and we’re happy to guide you through the process 🔥💪
1️⃣ For one, we have to evaluate it on a house by house basis because there’s different segments of the market. 
You definitely can still sell your house on the market. 
And in some cases, it’s probably a little bit more than you even thought was possible. In some cases, we are seeing certain segments of the market slow down. 
That’s 100% a fact 💯💯
2️⃣ But also with us, one of the biggest differences, we have our Guaranteed Sale Program where we guarantee your home sale 🤯🤯
And in some cases, if it makes sense, we can pay cash for your house. We’ve done it hundreds of times here on the Eastern Shore.
When it comes to selling your house, it’s all about marketing and it’s all about evaluation of your property and giving you the right tailor fit for it to make sense, right? So don’t be afraid, don’t be scared. 
It may not work out that it’s time to sell your house, and that’s completely fine. That’s what we’re here for 😊
We help you evaluate it, to make it make sense 👌
But if you’re thinking about selling, you probably can sell it, number one. 
And number two, if you’re in a situation where you need our Guaranteed Sale Program, that’s something that we have that no one else has. 
Connect with us today, we’ll help you evaluate your home and tailor our program specifically for you ✅🏡
And if we think it’s not a good time for you to sell your house, we’ll tell you that. 
But you just need to be educated to see what works for you the most 📚
So reach out and let’s see what we can do to help you sell your property!

The Maryland and Delaware Group of Long & Foster Real Estate ☎️ D: 443-783-3928 O: 443-339-9200

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