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New Construction Homes Vs. Existing: Advantages of New Construction with Affordibility

Have you ever wondered about the difference of buying a brand new home 🏠 versus buying an existing home on the market? Do you know the advantages of buying a new construction home (and that they’re more affordable than you may think) !? 💡
A message 📣 from team leader, Brandon Brittingham:
One thing we want to touch on today is buying a new home versus buying an existing home.🏠
The market being as hot 🔥🔥🔥 as it is, it’s difficult to get into a property because there’s multiple offers and there’s so many people competing. Maybe you should think about buying a brand new construction. There’s a lot of advantages to buying a brand new construction 🏗. It comes with a warranty. Everything’s going to be brand new. More than likely for the lifetime that you live in the house you won’t have to make any type of major repairs.
Now, not everybody wants a new home and we understand that, but when you buy 💵 a resale house, you have all kinds of inspections. You have older equipment, older HVAC, older roof.
Now again, it’s a personal choice, but those are the differences. A new construction house 🏡, you will pay more price per square foot, but it’s a brand new house and no one’s ever lived there.
Obviously, if you want to buy 💲 a resale house, that’s something that we’d be more than glad to help you with but we also specialize in new home sales. We have new construction all over the Eastern Shore to fit just about any budget.
A lot of people think 💡 they can’t afford a new home, but in reality, we have new construction covering all price ranges. So we have new constructions 🏗 that are only $1,200 a month and go up ⬆️ from there!
If you’re unsure about the new construction home sales process, that’s something that we specialize in. And if you’re thinking about it, interest rates are at historic lows. We’d be more than glad 😊 to sit down with you and get you in a brand new house! 🏘
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