Short Sales!!!

    Agents, investors, consumers – there are answers to the problems you may be facing with short sale – you just need the right ones.

    There is alot of misleading information out there on the internet about short sales, but I’m here to tell you in any short sale you can have a positive outcome.

    I have successfully completed 150 short sales, and was the first agent in Maryland to become a certified short sale instructor. I teach seminars locally and nationally on a regular basis, and train agents and consumers how to approach and navigate short sales.

    If you are an agent, learning how to complete a successful short sale will make you a better agent overall, besides the fact that short sales are now a real part of our market.

    If you are a consumer and are looking to purchase a short sale, you can get a great buy, you just need to educate yourself first.

    Give me your questions, concerns, thoughts – I would be glad to help! I am currently closing 5-7 short sales a month, so what I’m telling you comes from experience and not philosophy. LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN HELP!!!

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