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Can’t-miss Events in Salisbury, MD

Salisbury, MD, is a small town with a big heart. There’s always something going on, whether it’s a community event, a festival, or just a simple gathering. Visit this link for more information.

 Here are just a few of the can’t-miss events in Salisbury!

The Salisbury Festival is a community-wide event that celebrates Salisbury’s history and heritage. The festival features a parade, live music, food, and fun for the whole family. This year’s Salisbury Festival will be held on October 12th. Read about Reasons to Visit Salisbury, MD Historic Sites here.

The Salisbury Zoo is home to various animals, and is a great place for a day trip. The zoo offers a variety of educational programs and a chance to get up close and personal with some of the animals. The Salisbury Zoo is open year-round.

The Delmarva Chicken Festival is a two-day event celebrating the region’s chicken industry. The festival features live music, food, and a variety of family-friendly activities. The Delmarva Chicken Festival will be held on October 19th-20th.

The Autumn Wine Festival is a chance to sample some of the best wines from around the region. The festival features live music, food, and of course, wine! The Autumn Wine Festival will be held on October 26th.

Whether you’re looking for a community event, a day trip, or just a chance to enjoy wine, Salisbury has something for everyone. Be sure to check out one of these can’t-miss events!

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