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    Do you need help with a Chase short sale?

    Are you in a situation where you may need help with a JP Morgan Chase short sale?

    A short sale with Chase is just as tedious and time consuming as other banks, but I have personal relationships with employees in Chases’ short sale department. In our experience, Chase is a bank that is easier to deal with in a short sale than other banks.

    Chase works very often with both FHA and HAFA short sales. Chase requires a short sale package on their own forms and works within specific timeframes and guidelines on all their short sales – a process with which I am very familiar.

    On average most Chase short sale timelines are as follows:

    • FHA Chase short sale 60-90 days from start to finish
    • HAFA Chase Short Sale 60-90 days from start to finish
    • Traditional Chase Short sale 45-60 days from start to finish

    I have been able to get a majority of my Chase short sales to close within 45 days because of my experience with them. Although Chase’s short sale process may be easier than some other banks, it still takes a skilled professional with experience to handle any short sale.

    If you have a mortgage with Chase and you are behind on you payments and think a short sale is right for you, contact me today! If you would like to see if you can apply for a FHA, or HAFA-backed short sale and you have a mortgage with Chase, contact me and I will help you find out if you are eligible.

    On a short sale with Chase, I have gotten my clients up to $21,000 in relocation money!!

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