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    Kensington Woods Real Estate

    Welcome to Kensington Woods

    Kensington Woods is a wonderful, medium sized neighborhood just a short drive away from West Nithsdale.  Once you reach Kensington Woods you will find yourself in the country of Salisbury where you can live easily away from the city life.  This neighborhood offers fine and comfortable living in homes of luxury, but not suited for only the high end buyer.  Whatever home you are looking for, Kensington Woods has it just around the corner.

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    This neighborhood offers a variety of houses.  Most range from Brick Colonial to Cape Cod style homes, with some contemporary.  What makes Kensington Woods such a great place to buy a home is the environment.  Every property is large enough for a front and back yard, perfect for children.  The roads of the neighborhood are safe with minimal traffic except for special occasions, such as holidays, so that basketball hoop at the end of the driveway will be a perfect addition to the property.

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    Distinguished Schools

    Schools that children would attend that lived in Kensington Woods are included below. These schools are of the top rated in the county and they take the education they provide very seriously.  While living in Kensington Woods, having your children attend the schools below will be no worry at all.

    Westside Elementary

    Westside Intermiediate

    Salisbury Middle

    Bennett High School

    Expanding Neighborhood

    Kensington Woods is expanding in size as every day a house is either finished or planned to build.  The property here is exquisite with large lots that are itching for a house to go up. In Kensington Woods, you are only one visit away from finding the spot to build your perfect dream home and become a part of this neighborhood.  Even if you are not looking to build, homes are being built to simply expand the neighborhood.  All it takes is a visit to lay eyes on a brand new home you will spend a lifetime in.

    The City of Salisbury, Downtown & The Eastern Shore

    Kensington Woods is located in Salisbury, MD where there is a flourishing downtown scene.  With many exotic places to eat a visit, everyday there will be something to do.  The city is also located about an hour away from Ocean City, MD.  This makes for a perfect spontaneous adventure to the ocean on a sunny Saturday morning.

    If you are a fan of animals, there are many more interesting things to do in this area such as visiting the Salisbury Zoo or The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

    Near the campus, there are many great places to go eat such as Hoppers Tap House.  This place is brand new with more than just a tap house.  In their warehouse they offer 5 separate restaurants including, Primo Subs, Smokehouse BBQ, Wingin’ It, DeNizza Pizza and a brand new one opening soon called Melted.

    The atmosphere of Salisbury is truly inviting once you find the greatest parts about the city.  Living in Kensington Woods will not only open you up to that, but it will allow you to live comfortably and quietly while in your home.

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