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    Olde Town Real Estate

    Olde Town – Quiet Luxurious Living

    While looking in Salisbury, MD for homes, be sure to stop by The Maryland Group at Long and Foster and talk to one our Realtors about Olde Town.  This neighborhood full of family homes is the perfect place for quiet living just outside the busy life in Salisbury.

    Location: Olde Town is only 5 miles out from Downtown Salisbury, providing the perfect distance to and from the heart of town.  The Centre or the Salisbury Mall is only 8 miles away as well, in case you would like to go shopping.  Last, but not least, the eastern shore is only 45 minutes away, making a spontaneous beach trip perfectly feasible on a sunny day.

    Award-Winning Schools.  If you choose to reside in Olde Town, your children will attend excellent schools. Salisbury’s University and Wor-Wic Community College are among the best on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Recently, Salisbury has opened their brand new Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons.  This magnificent building has 4 floors, open balconies and tons of space for students to study.  While living in Olde Town, children will grow up and aspire to attend this wonderful college. 

    Academic Commons











    Salisbury University – Visit to learn more!

    Wor-Wic Community College – Visit to learn more!


    Olde Town Amenities & Luxuries














    Homes in the neighborhood of Olde Town, have state of the art appliances and household amenities, as you can see above.  Equipped with everything a kitchen may need, you will never have to worry about not having that special food dish finished on time.

    Utility Companies

    Beautiful Neighborhood

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    NEW HOMES – The neighborhood itself was established in 1995, but most homes were built post 2000 providing a new 21st century style.  The interior design of most homes include color schemes easy on the eyes and rich wood cabinets.  The appliances are brand new and fully working, with every home inspected to perfection.

    SIZABLE HOMES – Homes in Olde Town can range from a full acre to half an acre to provide everything you could possibly need to do on your property.  On the north side of the neighborhood, most homes are surrounded by trees, perfect for catching some shade on a sunny day. Other homes have fences to provide an enclosed backyard for children to run around in.  The streets that line the neighborhood are safe as well, and would cater nicely to a basketball hoop for young kids looking to get some exercise.

    EXPERT REAL ESTATE ASSISTANCE. Realtor Brandon Brittingham from the Maryland of Long & Foster will be pleased to introduce you to the neighborhood of Olde Town. If you like what you see, Brandon will then help you select and purchase your dream home. Call Brandon Brittingham to get started!!


    Brandon Brittingham

    Cell: 443-783-3928

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