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    Shadow Hills Neighborhood Real Estate

    Shadow Hills Neighborhood

    Delmar, DE

    Shadow Hills is a quiet medium sized neighborhood located in Delmar, DE just off of Connelly Mill Rd.  This neighborhood offers a variety of homes, some sitting on multiple acres of land where as others are enclosed by a white picket fence perfectly sized for the average family.  Some homes are shrouded with light woods where are other pose a clear front and backyard lawn. Down the windy roads of Shadow Hills, while looking for your dream home, you are bound to find it, right around the corner.

    The City of Delmar

    The neighborhood of Shadow Hills resides in the city of Delmar. This town was founded and built in 1859 when the Delaware Railroad found its way to the bottom of the state.  The main inhabitants of the area were workers from the construction of the railroad. The railroad itself and its switching areas maintain a large amount of the state, but residents can enjoy the many amenities of the area regardless of the commercial activity.  Aside from this, the charming community has developed over the years and continues to grow.

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    Schools near Shadow Hills in Delmar, DE

    Delmar provides some of the top schools to the states of Delaware and Maryland. Awarded with top scholastic honors and multiple state championships in both men’s and women’s sports, these schools exceed the expectations for students of all ages. The elementary and middle schools prove to provide excellent beginning education for students before high school and, ultimately, a college or university. Families from Delaware and Maryland combined, bring their children to this area so that they may receive the best education possible, while growing up in a safe and sound city.

    Local public schools include:

    Colleges and Universities in the area are listed below as well:

    Delmar, Maryland Utilities

    When it comes to amenities and utilities in your home, the area provides the best services around. Below are what DE and MD have to offer in terms of companies suited to provide for you family and home.

    The Delmar area is served by both public and private utilities as listed below:

    Why is Shadow Hills is right for you?

    Shadow Hills is located just far enough away from the busy city life to provide you with quiet living.  Although it might be a minute or two to the heart of town, the neighborhood is located minutes away from most of the schools in the area providing quick, safe transit for your children. Located close to the school and the neighborhood, respectively, is park with baseball fields and soccer fields open to the public.  The neighborhood of Shadow Hills caters to residents with all preferences and we are confident you will find what you are looking for here.

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