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    Waterfront Property Living on Maryland's Waterfront: Lifestyle, Amenities and Waterfront Fun

    Welcome to Maryland’s Waterfront

    Maryland’s waterfront property is unique in both its range of offerings and environments. The eastern shore of Maryland provides opportunities to own property along the ocean, rivers, creeks and bays.  Whether you are searching for a vacation home in Ocean City or a permanent residence on one of the Chesapeake’s many tributaries, Maryland’s waterfront properties have so much to offer.

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    Living Shorelines

    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has worked very hard for many years to establish an erosion free shoreline by using wetland plants, trees, grasses and shrubs along the shoreline. Maintaining the largest estuary in the United States is a priority of this area and it is obvious due to the beautifully cared for landscape. To secure the shoreline even further, the Foundation has designed specially made coconut rolls to protect it from erosion. These tactics have given Maryland’s shorelines the following benefits:

    • A habitat for wildlife such as, shorebirds, sea turtles, and horseshoe crabs
    • Quality water supply that filters pollution and settles sediment
    • Offers a shallow water environment for a variety of plants, land and water animals
    • Gives a natural, healthy look as opposed to man-made alternatives
    • Provides shade, keeping temperatures cooler, also providing oxygen for fish and water animals
    • Less costly than stone or wood bulkheads
    • Helps to absorb the action of waves coming in from the sea eliminating erosion


    Owning waterfront property is an amazing opportunity, but owning that property in a space which is so expertly cared for is invaluable. All of Maryland is dedicated to preserving its waterways in order to better enjoy everything it has to offer.

    Maryland’s Waterfront Real Estate Market

    Because Maryland has so much waterfront property available, there is a wide variety of home types, styles, and prices. There really is something for everyone. Several types of properties such as townhomes, apartments, condos, single family homes and luxury estates are found along Maryland’s oceanfront, bayfront and riverfronts. There is as much or as little privacy as you want with secluded communities right outside of Salisbury on the rivers or right in the middle of the action in Ocean City.

    You’ll Enjoy: Waterfront Activity and Serene Natural Surroundings

    Living Maryland’s waterfront lifestyle is a special experience. There are endless outdoor activities such as fishing, crabbing, hunting, boating or even just strolling along the beach or riverside. The sunsets on the bay are some of the best in the country and sunrises on the Atlantic are the perfect backdrop for morning jogs and coffee. We can promise you that these views will never get old.

    There is something very unique about waking up to crashing waves or a river running in your own backyard. The serenity and calm provided by living near the water is priceless and owning property along these waters provides a permanent vacation.

    The Lifestyle: Something for Everyone!

    As you can see from the few things highlighted above, there are many things available to do for an active family. For those times when you prefer a more peaceful, relaxing time, there are plenty of resources for that too. In addition, the nightlife and adult entertainment is readily available as well. The choices are endless!


    Why Live Here: A Great Place to Raise a Family

    If you are looking for that perfect place to live, you will come close as you explore for yourself the advantages of living along Maryland’s shoreline. As you can see, there are so many possibilities for today’s families to explore and glean from here. Because of its unique versatility you have everything to tap into to give your family a lifetime of worthwhile experiences.

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