Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Will you buy my house if it’s vacant?
    A: Yes. We buy houses quickly regardless of whether it’s occupied, or not.

    Q: Is there a fee or any costs connected to this service?
    A: NO

    Q: Will you buy my house if I have a problem tenant in there now?
    A: Yes, we have experience in dealing with problem tenants.

    Q: What price range do you buy in?
    A: Any and every price range – residential, commercial and land.

    Q: I am in an estate sale situation – can you help?
    A: Yes we have lots of experience guiding you through the difficult process of an estate sale, and making all parties involved satisfied.

    Q: What kind of price do you offer?
    A: After coming to your house, we do a valuation and explain our valuation based on comparable properties in your area and make a cash offer. Every situation is unique so there is no set value.

    Q: What if you can’t buy my house?
    A: The best part about us is if we can’t buy, we have a network of over one hundred buyers, we can get your house sold in seven to fourteen days!!!! *

    Q: How do I get a Brandon Brittingham Properties Professional Home Buyer to make me an offer?
    A: Fill out the questionnaire and Brandon Brittingham Properties will contact you immediately.

    Q: I need to sell my house fast. How long might it take for me to get an offer to sell my house to one of your investors?
    A: It could take as little as 24 to 48 hours!

    Q: How long might it take to close?
    A: We are prepared to pay cash and close very quickly. Depending on the situation, you may be able to have cash for your house within hours of filling out our simple form.

    Q: What if my house needs repairs?
    A: Our investors will buy your house as is, where is, and handle all the problems themselves.

    *Does not apply in all situations, some provision apply.

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