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Salisbury, MD Estate Sales

Brandon Brittingham Properties specializes in Estate sales!!!

We have many years of experience dealing with estate sales, and we can help you navigate through the complexity of this type of sale. We aim to help assess your goals and reach them in a timely fashion. Brandon Brittingham Properties has the ability to liquidate your estate property very quickly and turn it into CASH. We focus on attaining for you the best possible price in the shortest amount of time, and we work specifically with estate sellers all over Salisbury, MD and the Eastern Shore. One of the services we offer above and beyond other estate sellers or auctioneers is the ability to provide cash for the property. Most companies rely on finding a buyer, and in most cases that buyer has to find financing. In today’s economy, financing can be a major issue. At Brandon Brittingham Properties, we do not charge any fees for our services, and in almost all cases, we pay ALL CLOSING COSTS!

What we offer that others don’t:

1. We have the ability to buy your estate property for CASH and settle in 7-14 days.
2. We don’t charge any fees for our services and in most cases pay all closing costs.
3. We don’t rely on outsourcing to a buyer who needs financing.
4. We can make the process simple, easy, and less time consuming.
5. We are experienced in estate sales and work exclusively on the Eastern shore.