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A Short Sale With Wells Fargo

Are you in a situation where you need help with a Wells Fargo short sale? Good news, Brandon Brittingham has a special relationship with Wells Fargo and has worked countless short sale deals with them. He has contacts at Wells Fargo to deal directly with people in high authority positions. Brandon has offered joint outreach events and training seminars with Wells, and has a special relationship with members in their institution. This long standing relationship with Wells Fargo can help you get your short sale approved quicker and to your benefit.

The Keys to a Wells Fargo Short Sale Agreement

Sometimes, the key to getting a short sale approval is having a direct relationship or contact at a bank.

Brandon works with Wells on some of their “special” short sale programs – and if you have a Wells Fargo loan, we can check to see what program you are eligible for. Under some programs you may be able to receive relocation money by participating in a short sale.

Brandon is one of the select realtors who have been chosen to specifically help homeowners who have applied for a loan modification and did not receive one. If you applied for a Wells Fargo loan modification and did not receive one contact us today, and we can help facilitate a short sale for you.

The Time Required for a Short Sale with Wells Fargo

Typically, the average Wells Fargo short sale process timeline is 60-90 days from start to finish, and on average Brandon Brittingham has been getting approval in around 45 days.

Wells Fargo is one of the best banks to deal with when it comes to doing a short sale, as long as you have a professional who has experience dealing with Wells Fargo short sales.

Just as with all short sales, to qualify with Wells Fargo you have to have a provable financial hardship.

A Wells Fargo short sale process is less cumbersome and time consuming compared to other lenders.

If you have a short sale with Wells Fargo and would like more information, contact Brandon today for a free consultation to help you evaluate your options. As always, remember – a short sale will cost you no money out of pocket. We charge the bank, not you!!