“We were in a complicated short sale, and Brandon Brittingham Properties navigated us through it, and settle on our house quickly. They were very knowledgeable and new more about the process than anyone else we talked to. I would recommend them to any potential seller!”
    – Mr. and Mrs Rhodes , Salisbury

    “We found the house of our dreams for a great price, but had one problem, we needed to sell our house, Brandon Brittingham Properties settled on our house in 7 DAYS! It was one of the easiest transactions we have been involved with, and got us in the house of our dreams!”
    – Joanne and Kurt Esworthy , Salisbury

    “Our house was facing a foreclosure situation and we could not get any help or response from the bank, Brandon Brittingham Properties negotiated with our bank, got us to walk away with money, and satisfied the bank also. Everybody walked away happy, it was truly a win-win situation, I would recommend them to anyone.”
    – Jessica and Laren Workman

    “Our house had been on the market for over a year, and we needed to sell, Brandon Brittingham Properties paid cash for our house and settled fast. It was the easiest real estate transaction we have ever been involved in.”
    – Joe and Dana Snoots , Salisbury

    “My husband got a new job in California, and we needed to move quick, Brandon Brittingham Properties got us the money we needed and bought our house in ten days. It made our move so much easier. Thank you Brandon.”
    – Sheila Lewis , Salisbury

    “My home was in a short sale situation, Brandon negotiated with my bank, bought my house and made the transaction smooth and easy! I would recommend them to anyone!!!”
    – Johnathan Bradford , Hebron

    “I was in a foreclosure situation, Brandon Brittingham Properties bought my house, stopped the foreclosure process and put money in my pocket. They relieved me of a huge burden.”
    – Joseph Stein , Salisbury

    “I was in an complicated real estate estate sale and Brandon Brittingham Properties guided me through the process, got me the value I wanted and closed quickly.”
    – Steven Johnson , Salisbury

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